View Full Version : Stealth Cadre recruiting COD4 players

|S.C| Death Raider
11-15-2007, 09:50 PM
Stealth Cadre are recruiting in Call of Duty 4. This is our first game we've been involved with as a clan in XBox Live and we have just recently expanded into the game after six successful years in AvP2. We are still involved in AvP2 but we are looking for new opportunities and challenges. We are looking for people mainly with a fun and good attitude and we value friendship above skill. We are happy to train people up so long as you are keen to. We currently have 4 members in COD4 already and there are a few more who we hope will join us but we are looking to recruit new members! Once we have enough members we will be open to challenges, matches and we will be participating in ladders. We take competing in matches seriously but we do like to have a fun, enjoyable time and we hope you can be part of that experience! Do not hesitate to apply or if you are a member of another clan you can drop by and welcome yourself.

Many thanks,
|S.C| Death Raider