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Using this service you will be able to ask the messenger bot all sorts of questions regarding Xbox Live and the XLN community. To use the service you do not have to be members on Xbox Live Nation but it's always appreciated. If you are a member a lot of additional Live services both via the bot and via the website are available to you.

Xboxlivenation.com: Home of the Live Bot


All operations are logged. Abuse, remote scripting and screenscrapping detection is activated. If an abuse is detected all the necessary authorities and companies will be allowed access to the log information.


The Livebot is an automated messenger contact that functions as a direct interface to Xbox Live, Live anywhere and the XLN community website. It works with msn messenger, windows messenger and live messenger.

How to enable the bot

To make it work just add

livebot@xboxlivenation.com as a messenger contact.

Command reference

You can send the bot several commands that will reply you automatically. If you ever get stuck just type !help and hit enter to send it.
The following commands are currently available:

[Checks for information on Xbox Live. Replace GAMER TAG by the correct gamertag including the spaces] example: "!gt StonyArc" or "!gt Major Nelson"

[Checks on Xbox Live including games. Replace GAMER TAG by the correct gamertag including the spaces] example: "!game StonyArc" or "!game Major Nelson"

[popular on the XLN board. No extra parameter required]

[Last 5 news items from XLN. No extra parameter required]

[info on XLN gamers. No extra parameter required]

[info on different Xbox Live countries. No extra parameter required]

[Echoes everything you say. Add something behind the !echo what you want the bot to say]

[Display the command reference. No extra parameter required]

[Display the about information. No extra parameter required]

Live Tracer Integration

If you are using the XLN Live Tracer you have another function available to you.
  1. Make sure your messenger handle is known here on XLN by entering it in your profile.
  2. Add livebot@xboxlivenation.com as contact and make sure that the address is in the allowed list
  3. Use the !trace command to retrieve your specific trace information. For more information visit the XLN Live Bot command reference.

Sending the !trace command will report directly on the gamers you are tracing.

xbox, xbox live, the live logo, and the xbox logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of microsoft corp.
all integration scripting and parsing scripting is Copyright Xbox Live Nation and StonyArc.

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