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Default Help and direction needed - regarding a new website idea

Hey all,

This site kept coming up whenever I was trying to find out about the XCDP but now I'm here I can't find anything that can help me so not sure I'm even at the right place.

Where does one go to ask questions about XCDP? I've gone on the xbox.com forums I've done lots of searching on the web but can't seem to find anything useful.

At the moment all I have is an idea for a new website, that as far as I can tell will be unique, not exactly a community site, at least to what I'm used to, no forums etc. but there would be some form of friends connectivity and interactivity between members.

This project would need to be carried out by a professional web design company as I don't have the skills to develop it.

Do I need to find a web developer\development company that has a licence to build sites that connect to XBL to pull gamer tag \ game info, then just work with them to develop the site?

Or do I need to submit my proposals to xbox\Microsoft and wait to find out if my idea will be granted permission to access the xbox data and then get a web developer\company to do the build?
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Default Re: Help and direction needed - regarding a new website idea

Hello Tezdread,

Welcome to the site.

XCDP is basically a group of developers that get access to a special API so they can display live data. You can request to be allowed in the group but to get access and approved can take a while.

Mostly it's already people with a proven development background as it's one of the criteria. So building your site idea and learning the skills yourself can be a real asset.

Please note that it is fully non-commercial use.
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