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Default Hey Game Makers , What do ARE U DOING ???

I made a comment 5 years ago that it was good that MLG was invented . I stated finally a Clan big enough to kill me MRXBOX n VAN BC . The reason I said this was some of the people I Destroyed in Large groups in BF2 BLK XBOX . Well they went onto be MLG . So under stand that when I play with these people, I WANT TO PUKE . 12 PROS BRAGGING ABOUT THE CRAP THEN UNLOCKED . 12 Players who shoot fish ( you the newb ) in a SPAWN OR BARREL , which ever way you want to look at it !!! The gamer's are crying foul that you can now buy all the Unlocks in your favorite game . Some say it is cheating , others think it evens the playing field . Your both RIGHT and your both WRONG . Giving anyone an advantage in a game is like giving better Equipment to the other Spots Team . Think what racing would be like if only a couple of Cars could go fast . Hey what if like in all the games where Everyone Quits. We make Sports teams play with half of the # of players there are sapposse to play with . I bet you would stop watching your Favorite Sports Team !!! Do you see the trend here ? I compare the games we play with Sports . People want to be special but realize they can never play Pro anything . SO WE GAME . Aplace where I have Proved I can take 11 losers and whip them into MLG WINNERS !!! SO NO MORE CLONES OF THE LAST GAME YOU MADE or how about . EVEN UP MODE . You took my game play from COD3 and made HARDCORE MODE . So how about a new game type called even up !!! Reds Vs Blues and guns EQUAL . Just think you will have the same chance at having good stats as the next player who has learned where to hide on the map . Make the Endless bullet gun overheat like in Wolfenstien ( RTCW still best FPS EVER MADE ) or have it make a Wined up sound giving you a 1 in a million chance at surviving . Seriously you game makers have MADE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO COMPARE ME TO OTHER PLAYERS !! I don't know it it was Skill or just another Kit advantage that Killed Me !!!! Think about it and go play the Old games . Take Men of Valor ( bleeding in the game ) and mix it with Return to Castle Wolf . Now that would be a game ! Have the silly Perk System but have a real EVEN UP GAME aswell . I want to know how good I AM . Not that if i don't have a team I will JUST BE STATS !!!!
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