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MXGP2 Stadium Trailer

PQube is pleased to announce the introduction of Stadium Series game mode in MXGP2 – The Official Motocross Videogame, available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One. The Stadium Series is a game mode that presents motocross tracks in stadiums. The attraction of this game mode is that the track and jump structure are very technical and spectacular.

In MXGP2 the player can prove his skills in two stadium types, each with two unique layouts for a total of four tracks:

  • Football Arena 1
  • Football Arena 2
  • Diamond Stadium 1
  • Diamond Stadium 2

It will be possible to race with the MXGP and MX official roster or with your own custom rider to try to beat rivals and get the best time.

On these 4 tracks, the games will have the possibility to play in the following game mode:

  • Time Trial, performing an unlimited number of rounds, to get the best time;
  • Grand Prix, with a chance to race for one weekend, starting from qualifying to the race;
  • Championship, playing consecutive races in a championship, choosing the number of the weekend you want.

Put all your rider skills into game to test four technical and challenging circuits, surrounded by a picturesque sunset or a starry night.

The Stadium Series is a new game mode thought and requested by the players themselves to ensure variety in an unprecedented gameplay model in a motocross game. The stadium Series mode offers jumps, dirt and pure emotion, dedicated to all those who love to feel thrill of sport through the vibration of their pad.

Source: PQube


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