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Welcome Back XLN

Well it’s certainly been a long long time since I wrote an article, so where do I begin I wonder. Well I could start where I left of, but it’s been that long since I actually wrote an article I can’t even remember what my last article was about.

So where here, a new year a new chapter in the world of gaming. So much has happened since I last wrote for you, we have had launches of so many new and exciting games and consoles, in fact I think I could happily sit here all day and go on about the new xbox one and all the great games that have arrived for it since it was launched just over a year ago, but I won’t, instead every day I will start writing you articles on all the special features and new games that you can play with on your Xbox One.

Now like many of you I have had my Xbox One since day one so I know the worries many of you new Xbox One owners may be experiencing right now, so don’t worry, I am here to help. Also before I go, as many of you may know, after my last article on XLN I started taking more interest in the Xbox Ambassador Program and I happily achieved level 10 Expert, so please if anyone has any questions at all to ask about there Xbox One or there Xbox 360 please do not hesitate to ask.

So there is my first of many articles it was a bit short because I like to ramble and I don’t want to go of topic, so sit back relax and make sure you check back for more of my articles.

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